Mackathon® is a new and innovative solution originated in Europe, Poland. It is a two-week multi-creation event that will change the city, improve life quality, integrate citizens and connect to international community.

Main goals of the event are:

  ✓ develop small instant innovations
  ✓ grow creative community
  ✓ network, help to find talents, teach skills

The events cover 4 fields of life in the city by engaging citizens. It consist of trainings, workshops and integration parties. Overall it is targeted to all citizens with activity focus on young, innovative and development-oriented one.

Result of Mackathon® is life improvement and a local better place that is:

  a) projects (involving all 4 fields) ready for implementation
  b) integrated, new and positive community
  c) skilled teams ready to implement projects

Longterm and global results are:

  a) continuing the projects and expanding the positive impact
  b) sharing results with international community (other better places)

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