Our project is all about the people. Bringing good people together. Building great, positive, international community.

Inspiration comes straight from our beautiful hearts - Polish, Georgian, Slavic, Caucasian :) In 2016 we discovered real-life example of good people with strong characters, living with each other and for each other in modern-day civilization. Living like we did years ago, but not loosing relations for technology. It was in Tbilisi, Georgia.

We use all our best traditions to integrate: supras (special celebration ritual), love for freedom, great hospitality heritage, respect for each other and believe that everyone have a good and pure heart deep down inside.

We combine those with innovative technology creating a new level of space where we all connect, interact, create and experiment. It is a clash of old and new with a wonderful effect.

Most of all - we do it to feel free with each other, be free in approaching one another, be free in feeling safe, be free in trusting others and be free in spending great time together. Dance, sing, cook, hang out. We know how to make it work.

Make a better place :) with us

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