Innovations is a source of innovative solutions and a great startup inspiration.

We use our own approach to creativity by making it multidisciplanry phenomena, digging undiscovered talents and setting up very diverse teams with members completing each other skills to create great solutions: artistic, social or entrepreneurial.

During events participants learn to walk thru all steps of preparing, launching and completing a project:

  ✓ research and development skills
  ✓ team building and management
  ✓ project management
  ✓ building solutions
  ✓ promotion and communication
  ✓ market awareness
  ✓ social development

Our Innovations:

  ▸ Mackathons®
  ▸ Project
  ▸ virtual cities system
  ▸ skill education
  ▸ follow&lead
  ▸ talent diggers
  ▸ supra culture
  ▸ light weight programming technology

  ... and many more

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