Project project was founded by Marek StrzaƂkowski in 2010. Main idea was to integrate local communities and bring back life to neighborhoods.

Today it is an international, multilevel project aiming on making better places thru integration and innovation. We use our own authorized solutions: Mackathons large events, virtual cities system, special training, mentoring and consulting programs. We change the World for better and have a lot of fun with it. Project Timeline:

  2010 ▹ founding of idea
  2011 ▹ beginning works on integration events program
  2012 ▹ beginning works on virtual cities system
  2015 ▹ registering Foundation
  2016 ▹ discovering completing ingridient - community culture
  2018 ▹ developing Mackathon®

Our Values are: freedom, integration, innovation, being good

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