Makeabetterplace.com project beginning is 2010 and a desire to rebuild interpersonal relations form the '90.

2010Creating local communities integration project
2012First version of virtual cities system
2015Registering Makeabetterplace.com Foundation
2016Beginning of reasearch in Tbilisi, Georgia on how not to loose relations
2017Discovering Generation Σ Sigma
2019New goals: battling isolation and supporting creation
2019Tests and implementations: creation support tools
2020Tests and implementations: reintegration tools
2020Registering NGO Miasto jest Wasze
2021Relocating Makeabetterplace.com Foundation to Sopot
2021Launching business activity in IT field

Today it is battle with isolation of societies and support of creation basing on programs and tools built during 10 years of research and development works.