Technological Incubator was created by the Foundation in 2015 for researching and developing IT technologies including GROT Technology.

It is an entity that supports creating new IT system, applications and solutions. Many IT systems that operates up till today came out with incubator support or from incubator itself.

Features of all projects coming out from the incubator are: speed of providing solutions, stability, security, priority of human factor and ecology.

GROT Technology

Lightweight Programming Technology GROT is a technology that came out of project and Virtual Cities System (2011) and was developed further with incubator support.

GROT is a technology of rapid creation of IT systems that solve difficult problems and often complex processes. Prototypes are created even up to 7 days and production systems up to 30 days.

Many system that operates and are maintained up till today were created in GROT. It is proven technology.