Offer Foundation runs business operations in IT field. All profits are spent on statutory activities including development of Generation Σ Sigma.

Software Building

We build system, application and websites from the scratch. We solve difficult problems, create complex database platforms.

We create in GROT technology and also in other standard technologies and languages. We specialize in dedicated database systems.

Operational prototypes we deliver even in up to 7 days. In exceptional cases we deliver prototypes before agreeing on realization terms - free of charge.

Delivering authorized solutions

We offer our own, ready solutions like Raptor or Amtrack. We quickly deliver additional, dedicated, added on request modules and functionalities.

We provide maintnance, service and technical support including standard products tuning (making cosmetic changes in code within maintnance).

Consulting and support

We help clean up systems and technologies in companies - we offer technological cleaning which is audit and repair plan. What characterize us are technological minimalism, transparency, utility and focus on human factor.