The most interesting IT system that were made in GROT technology.

Virtual Cities System

The first system for which GROT technology was created. Developed since 2011. Named by media anti-facebook is a communication support for Generation Σ Sigma.

It is complete infrastructure for local better places - starting with neighbourhoods, thru local businesses, organizations up to households. It is a full set of tools including calendars and trade platform.

Direct Democracy System

System that supports formal and procedural management of neighbourhoods and surroundings. It lets residents control course of local affairs, correspondence with public institutions and also in special cases register activity of public sector.


Tool to support investor supervision on large construction contracts (including special engineering and road engineering).

System controls course of works, progress, whole set of data (from resources reports to laboratory tests), then creates analysis, capture anomalies and watches over correct process of works.

It makes it easier to manage contract - including procedures, documentation and settlements.


Support for managing martial arts schools network Polska Grupa Krav Maga. System helps performing complicated exams with many examiners at the same time. It has students database. It registers all trainings, exams and training structure.


Medical equipment management system for entities with spread ownership structure customized to handle complicated legal requirements of a very unstable nature.

Software lets manage equipment, processes of service, repairs, replacement and many others. It lets transfer equipment quickly to designated sections and control purchase plans. As the only one on the market it watches over Polish legal NFZ requirements.


Platform designed for public sector that lets flexibly configure sets of modules for the needs of selected institutions. Wide range of modules (also dedicated) from personel management thru documets flow, applications, archives lets customize configuration for practically every type of public institution.